• Age: 21
  • Gender: female
  • Astrological Sign: Leo
  • Born in the Year of the: Boar
  • Industry: Technology
  • Occupation: intranet coordinator
  • Location: Reno : NV

About Me

simple, quiet, intuitive, observant, with a quirky edge. 100% Filipina and proud of it. My grandfather fought in WWII to give me that freedom.

Create a tagline for a new line of plastic bedsheets.

"Blanket the freshness"


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I'm now 21. Weird. And no one to party with......
15 hours ago
... *sniff* blah. *************** Thanks to all who sent me ecards, emails, messages, etc. :) You guys are so COOL!
"oh look at that deal!"
13 August 2004
Have you ever gone into a store with a desire to purchase a single specific item, then coming out with something else, instead of, or in addition to what you wanted to buy initially? Yep, got sucked into the marketing trap again. hehe. We went to Walmart tonight to just buy some eggs. We came...
the big 2-1
13 August 2004
Turning 21 tomorrow. It won't be much of a birthday because Nick will be working all day. :p --- My co-workers are cool. I've only been around for two weeks, yet they still went around and signed a card for me. In fact, some were even offering to bring beers. lol. I don't drink (and still won't,...
07 August 2004
nikki is so young and innocent nikki is waiting by the bedroom door a black goddess lezzys (whoa!) nikki is here nikki is cool nikki is performing next nikki is a nikki is an nikki is one of our chocolate dams nikki is a lazy lump nikki is definately not your average model nikki is still in the...
Y.M.C.A. ... It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A.
07 August 2004
Reno has been abuzz with excitement the past week due to Hot August Nights. Grabe. You cannot find a single parking spot in downtown. It doesn't help either that major construction is going on at the same time. We checked out the party at the Hilton, where the Village People were performing for...


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