michael bate version one

  • Age: 17
  • Gender: male
  • Astrological Sign: Capricorn
  • Born in the Year of the: Tiger
  • Industry: Fashion
  • Occupation: professional shirter
  • Location: Port Louis : Mauritius

About Me

this will be filled in later, as i need time to decide how much of my deep dark psyche i want to reveal to you people. i'm a very deep person, after all......

The hair from your last haircut ... what would it say about your new style?

hair can't talk you idiot. and even if it could it wouldn't say anything bad because it has witnessed me shirt people and it wants no part of that!


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the end of an era
10 hours ago
well, we all knew that the love affair wouldn't last, didn't we? i mean, spurs aren't exactly the biggest club in europe, and such a precocious talent has to move on at some stage in his career. still, they were a lot of good times, a lot of goals and a hell of a lot of success. tottenham fans...
pimp my ride? i thought this was MUSIC television
09 July 2004
as i type this, i am preparing my brain for full on outrage overload. you see, i am about to attempt to participate in the viewing of a television program known as "Pimp My Ride". now i'll just break down the title for all of you who don't quite understand how inherently trife the concept of this...
i'm getting quite sick of this
08 July 2004
does faisal = woodley? both are trife, both continue to get owned but come back for more, and both seem determined to make lashing them as easy as possible, as the following demonstrates: Nah you are too far from succeeding. how far is too far? is it possible to measure distances as it relates...
when will he learn?
08 July 2004
some more things said by our good buddy faisal. i love people like this - they either don't know they are being owned or they know that they are being owned so badly that they have no possible come back and have to resort to the following responses. I am definitely not a glory-hunter little...
suggestions for posts
08 July 2004
whiteside and myself have a seemingly endless supply of random stupidity in order to keep ourselves entertained on this baby, however we have agreed that some form of reader input is needed in order to make sure that you guys are actually laughing at our shenanigans. all that you are required...


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