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  • Occupation: all purpose lasher and part time jacketer
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gunning, revived for one last time
9 hours ago
Gunning Gunning can be described as the act of going hard out or giving it your all in order for one purpose or another (in this case to get food from the canteen). It is our theory that the fine art of gunning most likely derived from the depths of some South East Asian jungle around the...
perth traino - G.H.E.T.T.O.
06 July 2004
ok yall (as maria would say), i have discovered the most ghetto setting in the world as we know it. before i inform you about it, have a guess where it is: a) harlem, NY b) south central, LA c) ho chi minh city, vietnam d) monrovia, liberia e) ulan bator, mongolia f) perth train station, western...
formula for mrs y's next male acquaintance
04 July 2004
i have come to the comclusion that mrs y's choice of boyfriends is directly related to the distance they are from her at the time that she breaks up with her former one (for no apparent reason may i add). my research of her previous chronological boyfriends suggests that mrs y chooses her next...
mrs. y : the first installment
04 July 2004
ok. now i have come into contact with quite a few females in my time here on earth, but never have i encountered anyone quite like mrs y. most of you readers will be aware of who i am referring to when i talk about mrs y and she is a good portion of the reason that this blog was created. mrs...
hard out blog hurtage occurring
03 July 2004
what is with the recent hard out weblog hurtage occurring by pretty much everyone that i am even remotely associated with? it seriously needs to be stopped. too many people are going way too hard out and most of those people need to get the fuck out of my town (with the exception of people...


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