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My name is Jordan Keipinger. I am in the 9th grade. I love to read books on religions and the occult, and storie books of all kinds. I am a HUGE fan of small pets, I have an albiono hamster named Frost. I love growing herbs, gona have some in my new garden. I am a witch of 4 years, I have not chosen a religion YET, but I am assumeing that it will be Christian.

In the dream where you show up to school naked, why do you never go swimming?

Because there is no pool!


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Online Coven
21 July 2004
I have decided to put together an online coven. I met this really cool guy who is good at everything he does, which is alot! He is like the male Martha Stewart. lol. He is a Reiki master, he has his own computer type buisness. He is a healer, and he knows EVERYTHING about the occult. So he helped...
Bee's Suck!!!
21 July 2004
 Oh my god, I was stung by this fat azzed wasp today. It hurt so bad I had to devote a whole post to it. I was helping my Dad clean out his trunk today at like 12:30, when all of a sudden I fealt the smallest pinch on the inside of my calf. I looked down thinking it was somthing in my pants...
Running... ( =
19 July 2004
 Wow, I just got back from the track. That was like the first time I have ran for like 3 years! lol. Prety sad hu? Well I can tell that I am VERY out of shape, I hope to run once a day though. Just to make sure that I dont become a lazy blog, or more of one that is. It actully feels good to...
Here is the close up of my sunflower. Prety hu?...
17 July 2004
... might get a picture of the dieing one. If anyone can tell me about the sunflower I would aprishitate much. 
Here is my sun-flower. One of the flowers is...
17 July 2004
... loosing its petals, which is sorta sad. But the front one is looking good. If anyone knows about sunflowers please let me know if this is normal. I have a closer pic of my sunflower. 


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