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Diary of a medical elective in Kathmandu.

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Day 3: Time to be a Tourist
5 hours ago
Last night was another one typical of the hospitality here. We had a great dinner of rice, spices and vegetables, followed by much entertainment as we all - the four students here plus Bishop's nephews and nieces - played circle games. My disappearing hankie trick also made an appearance. To...
A different medicine
09 July 2004
An early start - I paid my hotel ($10) and took a taxi to Kanti Children's Hospital, where I met Tou Pin and was very glad to see a familiar face. We then taxied (10 mins, 50p) back to Bishop's, to find yet more hospitality awaiting. Above Bishop's family accommodation is a penthouse-like block...
First Day in Kathmandu - wow
08 July 2004
Right. I'm in Kathmandu. Still can't totally believe that. The last 48 hours have been amazing. The first two flights were delayed due to bad weather in London, but the service has been amazing! I fly quite frequently with EasyJet so I guess the experience of flying "with frills" is going to...
1 day to go
06 July 2004
Today I realised that all the small things that I had stored up to do today, actually have to be done by this evening. Just wee tasks like transferring addresses into my notebook, making up a first aid kit and photocopying my passport... but it all takes time. This morning I tried phoning the...
2 days to go
05 July 2004
2 days to go until flying out of Glasgow. It's a mixture of excitement and cautious "have I got everything". Time will tell. Only concern is where to go once I arrive at Kathmandu airport... I presume the hospital but it will be early evening. I think a phone call to Nepal tomorrow is in order.


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