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08 July 2004
2003 1st place team of Jason Carpenter and...
06 July 2004
... Lloyd Darby accept worthless paper checks (and prize money) 
3rd place 2003 winners accept prize money 
06 July 2004
Bondage run 2004 - Ten-I-See
06 July 2004
Another great trip - nothing could be finer........ Congrats to the winners - yes...Joel is...the horseshoe champion of the new river. Shout out to Capt'n Frank - way to keep'um funneled.
2004 - The rainy year
06 July 2004
25 hearty souls turned out for the 8th annual "bondage run". 2 solid days on the New helped to replenish the soul. Thursday was a great day with plenty of sun and setup. Friday brought clouds and some rain during the day for the "short run" from New River Outfitters. Friday night was a gas -...


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