• Age: 14
  • Gender: female
  • Astrological Sign: Virgo
  • Born in the Year of the: Snake
  • Industry: Student
  • Location: Bouvet Island

About Me

hi..uh i'm molly. location: backstage ^^ i said i live on boova island or something but i dont. so since i dont know u..i guess 4 now we'll just say i'm backstage. neways..i have blondish brown hair, blue green eyes..they change colors..i have magic in my eyes i'm 5'5''...i grew an inch! snaps 4 molly! i think its funny when old ppl get confused and its fun to piss the neighbors off favorite items: my softball boy shorts..and my pink converse. i used to have pink hair..but then it washed out in like 2 months and my parents wouldnt let me redo it. :( slightly saddening. o well i really wish i could skateboard..only i fell once..and now i'm too scred to try it again..i still put stickers on it tho! :) i cant think of nething else at the moment..mayb i'll put more later

Sponges and tongues are frequently misspelled. Is it because both are thirsty?

is it possible to fart into a bottle? i've always wondered that.


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Recent Posts

17 July 2004
hi. yesterday was fun  
this is just for myles cause he told me to put...
15 July 2004
another great day!! :)
15 July 2004
yesterday was so good! yay! and today is super too! so today at school *yes* i do go to summer school. neways i was walking to the bathroom and it was so funny..ok theres this guy and hes like walkin really slow against the wall and hes like draggin his fingers on the walls and stuff and i'm like...
holler ya'll
13 July 2004
hey ppl. ok soo its really damn hott outside..but its nice and cool inside. neways today was a sunny day until about 40 minutes ago then it got real cloudy and shit. o well. thats ok..i like the i wont have to water the neighbors like million plants..(they went on vacation) o and by...
first that sounds like a monster.
09 July 2004
neways uh hi. i'm molly. this is my life. today..i sat around..wishing i could go to the mall and buy those green converse i wanted..only i dont have a car..partly cause i spend my money on things that i really dont want..those things including..silly putty..fireworks *those r fun to set off in...


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