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My name is Sally, my nicknames include "Snoogins" "Sals" "Hops" and "Patient B5"


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I'm Back
09 August 2004
A big sorry to all of my faithful readers. I haven't been able to write much over the last few days because of my car. I paid 420 dollars to make it work, and then it broke down a day later. I was leaving Perkins when it let out it's death growl. Troy ran over and single-handedly pushed my...
This is the Hello Kitty vibrator from those...
02 August 2004
... crazy kids over in Japan. I gotta give it to them, this is single-handedly the freakiest thing I have ever seen come out of that nation. God Bless Japan!
02 August 2004
So...I'm having a great day. I went to Jiffy Lube at 9:15 this morning to see about getting my oil changed. It's now 6:51pm and I have yet to see my car. Yes, when I dropped it off to be serviced, the son of a bitch died on me. It's been doing that for a few days now, I had just hoped that a...
Rockin' Ribfest
29 July 2004
I just woke up from one of the longest dreams of my life. I had found Osama and we had fallen in love. He was clean-shaven and surprisingly hot. Then he made a plan to get millions from the government by threatening to blow up Bethel, but all the plastic explosives were just regular clay. I...
28 July 2004
I try not to allign myself with any political organization, short of the AnyBodyButBushicans, but the more I listen to the Democratic convention, the more I see myself sharing the beliefs of democrats now. Did anyone see Barack Obama lastnight? Man, is he sexy. Oh, and he made a good point...


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