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11 August 2004
Im really looking forward to the weekend when the premiership season kicks off. This is partly because the football so far , generally has been quite poor. First of all Manu lost to Arsenal on Sunday ( not that i watched it of course, being the undoubtedly holy person that i am :p) , then i found...
Im back, so's he
07 August 2004
Were back! All of you who read are blog will notice we haven't blogged for a week! We went on A CCIW camp for a week. The speaker was Norman Gilbert, who spoke on the life of Noah. Every morning we had a service and every evening a bible study. These were both very helpfull. As well as these we...
my so called day
26 July 2004
This morning we had to wake up really early just to go and pick my sisters up from Wales. That poor excuse for a country. I enjoyed a peacefull week without them only to discover i had to go and pick them up. I on the other hand didnt have a flash of inspiration. Not for the past day...
25 July 2004
This morning witnessed a great event.  Several of the yp at our church were being baptised. This includes the other blogger Josh Mackenzie. People turned up in thousands, well, about 150 or more. The interesting thing for me was to see that as soon as each peron hit the water, even...
22 July 2004
Yesterday we set out at a very early 9:30 AM to get to Crewe Station. Purpose? To go out for the day to Llandudno. It was, all in all, a great day. We started off by going to a beach predominantly covered by rocks. To our great pleasure, we found out that there was actually a...


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