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i dont like vegetables. dont try to sell me any. i have a a blue watch, an insane grandma, i like chucks..alot, i love musik, n piano

You moved the pot before the coffee stopped brewing. Do you smell the mountains or the burro?



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museum place, it was great
21 July 2004
umm, today was cool. we went to this museum place. i cant see a thing i'm writing cuz the screen thingy is white and my font is bright yellow. it was this one maritime museum place. it was for like ships and stuff. i liked it, mainly cuz there were these hot guys there. i'm not kidding. they must...
20 July 2004
so like today was cool. we woke up and went to the beach n like walked n stuff. tomm were gonna like skateboard n stuff. well like after taht we came n had cereal. cereal is always great. i love cereal.then we like played drums, did nothing, watched tv,umm we were online for like n hour i think,...
20 July 2004
um yesterday was cool.  we went to the beach. that was pretty fun. oh oh and we like we rearranged the room, so we could fit our drum set in here. lol. well onli the bass, snare drum, and highhat thingy. so that was pretty fun too. i forget wat else........oh oh, we went to youth. well me n...
swimming : )
16 July 2004
well, today was pretty cool. we went swimming and stuff. like at this one olympic pool place. it was pretty kick ass. they had these diving boards n stuff. it took me about thirty mins to finally jump off the smallest one. that stuff is skary. there was this one wierdo old lady. she was in the...
14 July 2004
well, today we saw napoleon dynamite. this is my first entry to my little journal thingy. it was hilarious. one of the best movies ive seen. i dont think its as good as land before time but it's definately on my fav movie list thingy.  first napoleon said gosh! then he's all like 'vote for...


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