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vroommmmmmmm n rev it up
13 August 2004
thank god I am feeling creative again, what a big gre/ay dump of cardboard I've been lately. Big newspapery turd. Today is Friday the 13th and I am dizzy dizzy with hangover and this morning I already put on my shirt for tonight and checking out my boobs in the mirror I said, it's like I don't...
eat me
12 August 2004
Odd child is on the loose today and we are bouncing off to buffalo land. Lunchtime is Eggie time today. He is my ambiguously gay friend who is becoming less and less ambiguous with every day that passes. Now he is moving to the Castro with my darling sweetfriend Big Gay Peter, who is going out...
la poesie ad nauseam
12 August 2004
Fleecey found the Random Poetry Generator. Here are some pomes from the Odd Child On The Loose! series. odd child on stage: too . And his wife is the desert, mononucleosis. happened before. in except the world and then the only person or other. people. odd child on him, and not hot...
10 August 2004
It's getting deep in here. I am not criticizing myself because after all I'm just learning to write, but... sheesh. And I don't mean hash. I am being such a mediocre space cadet! I can do better. I think I need to write something very REAL soon. I'll wait and see what comes out. In the...
10 August 2004
I keep PROFESSING my LOVE! to people. I keep telling people I LOVE! them. and I DO! LOVE! ALL of them! it's funny because I was so loveless for so long, years ago and now I feel that breathing at the door and I just can't stop myself from connecting to people and finding them and loving...


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