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I'm a 14 year old girl from Tasmania, Australia. I post my more serious writing at www.piratesoul.blogspot.com and my funnier, crazy stuff at www.pirate_soul.blogspot.com

Chicken monkey shoes?

idiot question askers?


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08 August 2004
A drip, a drop A faithless speech To tell Will never help to comfort Those who weep Or quell. You must believe The words you speak As well. Through all of this My body's just A shell. I won't pretend I know anything Of hell. No better way to learn the truth Than see it kill...
My Own
08 August 2004
He came And cut stars in my heart And every movement he made Turned my giddy head. I hoped Beyond hope And dreamed Beyond dreams And bid his face be Wherever I went. I knew it was little likely that he Would ever see my face Or yearn to hear my name. Yet love is foolish And I was a fool. I hadn't...
Protest for a Friend
08 August 2004
a hand touches a hand an eye meets an eye a kiss meets a kiss a love is here shared. a hand touches a hand an eye meets an eye a kiss meets a kiss a love is here shared...also. Yet we say one is different from the other... And a tear courses a cheek for this love cannot be...
Romance, Nobility
08 August 2004
Quell my flames with sweet kisses Pause not, Nor hesitate For I will never think you a fool. Hold me close and I shall sigh Content Not sure For all I wish is to be closer to you. Make me feel as I never have Romance Nobility Whisper sweet nothings in my ear.
In The End
07 August 2004
We laughed and joked and yelled And in the end We had hope. We traversed and mapped the streets And in the end We were still lost. We raced and chased and fell And in the end I sang a lullaby. We knew, and smiled, and sang And in the end We were content. We held and helped along And in the end We...


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