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I am a SAHM married to Steve and have 3 beautiful daughters.

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I'm too lazy to blog
06 August 2004
I constantly have thoughts running through my head I want to get down, so why does it seem like such an effort to do this? I had an interview yesterday. I don't even know why I applied for the job, maybe because I didn't think they'd call me or maybe because I need to prove that I CAN get a...
I love food
03 August 2004
I just got done eating a big bowl of linguine with my fresh, homemade pesto sauce and some grated parmesan...Lordy it was good! It was probably at least a week's worth of carbs but I just don't care...I'll walk a few miles later today. See, that's why I have some weight to lose, because I love...
The worst mother in the world
02 August 2004
I guess that's me...according to #2 anyway. She has an appointment with a therapist tomorrow, maybe she can accomplish getting through to her because I sure as hell can't. This past weekend has been pure hell, I can only hope some day she has a few daughters of her own. My hair is falling...
A quiet morning...
30 July 2004
I am relishing my first cup of coffee in quiet solitude while daughter #1 is at band camp (go ahead and laugh, I do), and #2 and #3 are still asleep.  I must make the most of this time before #2 wakes up and my day descends into a downward spiral.  I have yet to open the package of...
Jumping on the bandwagon
28 July 2004
Well, Hooni, you did it.  I not only started a blog today, I also bought a pair of knitting needles at JoAnn's.  So much for Motivated house will continue to disintigrate as I post mundane details of my life and knit a few potholders.


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