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what's love got to do with it?
30 June 2004
Tina Turner? No, me. What have I learned about cafrefree sex?Never sleep with a man who had a typical Czech girlfriend. When you tell him its just sex, he's amazed. Then he starts stalking you because you act like you dont care about him. Only,you really dont care. You wanted sex, you got sex....
gemme outta hereee
22 June 2004
We are so completely swapmed at work. I need a break. I dont know if its the weather or what but our customers are getting weirder and weirder. And who the hell lied to all the 45 year old expats that 20 year olds "dig" them. Thank you daddy, but not thank you. I got better things to do than...
Feed me baby
14 June 2004
ugh...good news is Lenny baby is coming to town. bad news is I got food poisoning. Listened to an older expat friend and visited a slightly more sophisticated restaurant than my usual choice (what the hell is wrong with Subway sandwiches?Thank you.). Bad choice. Dont know what it is that made me...
girl with a plan
08 June 2004
What shouldI do this summer? Classes are over and I want to do somethin.Perhaps something cultural...isnt Lenny Kravitz coming into town? Or maybe I should listen to father dear and visit the other historic sits in Prague that I have not yet visited in the last two years that I have lived here....
Oh joy!
05 June 2004
Joyous occasion. It is saturday and I am a freeeeeeeee woman. What should I do tonite? Might drop by Radost...havent been there in month. Or maybe I should drop by Marquis for a drink. I love the atmosphere there. None of that fake,"check me out" bs you see in the other bars arounds the...


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