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im so depressing

When you've got water stuck in your ear, how do you get it out?

is sour cream really sour cream, why do people buy bottled water next to a pop machine


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Hey I just wanna give a shout out to my two...
11 August 2004
... great friends shena and ashlie this is a hawt pic omg lol i love you guys you guys were the greatest at lunch and we had such good times it was a t blast expecially at disney to i miss you guys c yah at school hope we have good times galore this year lol 
This for all of those hopeless cub fans out...
11 August 2004
... There im sorry i just have to say there not even goin to make the wild card this year they will blow it in the last month so says the all knowing padula go white sox and of course nomar garciapaarra the only respectable cub 
Tired as hell
11 August 2004
Im tired lol if you love taking naps comment baby Or if you just damn love alkaline trio give me your best song
Going to Great America with my buddies
11 August 2004
Today might be my last day of posts for a week sorry guys goin on vacation tomorrow to south carolinaaaaaaaaaaaa representing the Atlantic ocean in a bathing suit soaking up the sun one last time before I have to go to school before I leave early in the morning its my last day today before i have...
McDonald and four sexy hotties
10 August 2004
Hey guys just got home from McDonald I went with my momy and daddy I ate fries two cheese burgers and a McDonald ice cream Than while eating my ice cream four hotdogs walk in Dylan c calerts Ryan shcuffler Laura petroff and matt pabitch lol they were so lit and drunk well at least Dylan was he...


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