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If it is so requested why was it hidden in the...
08 August 2004
... Pantera section. Hidden, or cleverly alphabetized by artist? Those sneeky record clerks...
A Picture Share!
30 July 2004
Soup, now that you have all of this free time...
29 July 2004
... explore your spirituality, I know a place where you can get a Kabbalah red string really cheap! No more work til next Tuesday for me!!!
Quinn: Thanks for the donation, man! It will...
28 July 2004
... help pay for all this blogging. One suggestion though, you may want to shrink the pics before you upload them cause those mofos are huge! Quit being such a bandwidth hog, you hogger of bandwidth! whaaa.
Quinn: tell your kitties to take it easy. ...
23 July 2004
... They'll regret it in the morning.


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