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happy-bday to my sis on this most unlucky of...
13 August 2004
... days.. the friday 13th. i say... damn the man! have good luck. find a black cat and make it cross your path.. and all sorts of other things such as this. (knock on wood) and you will have the same luck as any other day... the kind that you make.
it's dead. it died. it's guts spread in the...
12 August 2004
... palms of my hands.. my eardrums shall hear the screams of silence. why oh cruel gravity did you take my silver mecca of goodness?
revisited : rewinded : rehashed
12 August 2004
i have been chastized for my quick abandonment of this blog and I can no longer take the stress that has been placed on me for leaving it in a basket outside a hospital. there four the blog shall be re-born, a complete renewal and other sentimental stuff inserted here, and poooofff magic,...
if my name was jenny i would remove the battery...
01 August 2004
... from the computer and put it in one of those battery recycling places that are all over. the monitor... well... there's not much that can be done with that, except sucking it up and paying the fee... or my idea is always to leave it at the place during the middle of the night.... they'll...
it's alive! (and on my kitchen table)
23 July 2004
... table)


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