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TJP, Here I come!!
11 June 2004
I'm in!! I'm in!! I'm in!!! YES!!!!!!! TJP, here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guess you can probably tell that my families...
04 June 2004
... are here in town since I have been too tire to type. I'm really tired these days (only 2 days, man~~) And did some CRAZY SHOPPING with them today. After the photo shop at the studio, we went to Northgate Mall for some shopping, but it turn out to be like "it-cost-like-nothing" tyape of crazy...
02 June 2004
Presentation...... TJP stuff...... Family trip.....
01 June 2004
La La La La La La..... (Mimi's completely goin' nuts.) Some announcement to make regarding Mimi's *chaos* vacation: 6/4 Yuen Lui studio for grad/family photos 6/7 Mariner's game 6/11 Biochem Departmental Grad Ceremony 6/12 Husky Grad Ceremony 6/14 ~ 6/19 Trip to Vancouver 6/24 ~ 6/27 Las...
30 May 2004
原來, 花錢也是很累的. 今天在網上找遍了所有的site, 就是為了"花錢" (聽起來好像是閒錢太多, 花不完). 不過, 終於找到我人生偉大的目標 ---- 買東西不用看price tag. (What a cheap dream. 不過我想我如果要達成這個夢想, 還要努力很久.) Anyway, 反正今天也小小享受到不必考慮價錢的shopping. 2001年的Vegas之旅我選了Luxor, 而今年我要住Paris. (果然有敗家女的氣勢!!)


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