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Barbie: Fantabulous. Your mind works like a...
10 August 2004
... laser. My mind works like a fading flashlight in a hall of mirrors. Whaza whaza whaza whaza....??? 4th grade teaching position interview, complete. To Wisco I go. Bye bye!!
Hey all. Milbo Bradagins and I are back. Big...
10 August 2004
... upz to Bard and Tamar for being most excellent to us. (Bill and Ted are are doing the around the world air guitar maneuver in the future right now.) On top of what Bard already stated, our New York adventure included free food and drink at Tavern on the Green and Mandarin Oriental Hotel, much...
I just got back from seeing the movie The...
02 August 2004
... Corporation. Excellent. Consumers everywhere, go watch this movie!!! Sorry (or not), Nicholas Cage is not in this movie. p.s. Go Green Bay Bears.
Ain't..I..The..Coolest..Cat..That you've ever...
02 August 2004
... seen? (Yea) And ain't I fresh, ain't I clean, ain't no wanksta in me (Haha) Ain't I? (Ain't I?) Ain't I hot? Ain't I? (Ain't I?) Ain't I street? Don't I ride when it's time to ride... That's..Just..That..Gangsta in me...Ain't It Man!?!?
Boo and Gotti ft. Lil Wayne tearin' up Chi...
02 August 2004
... town. West side!!! Check out the sweet video (along with noteable vids from Cormega, Yung Wun+ Flip, Nas, and Sting+Twista!) here:


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