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lincoln mob: i also have 3shost. when i...
12 August 2004
... renewed with them last year it included the domain name fee. So your's should be there. Did you save the email that had the receipt? I think it shows what all you paid for. They have good customer service, you could just email them and ask wtf.
Freaks n Geeks is totally awesome. We are...
12 August 2004
... rotating between that and Six Feet Under in my apartment. The massive drum set is the best, and was all the more awesome b/c I live with a drummer. I too am without significant other all weekend, but I get to do homework all weekend. I get burglarized, lose documents for this semester,...
I just checked a book out to someone whose last...
11 August 2004
... name was Nugent. Isn't that awesome? I wonder if he was related...seemed a bit rough around the edges.
I've never ever been able to get roommates to...
11 August 2004
... clean up, and i've done the damn chore wheel and everything. My best advice: withhold sex until she cleans up. Seriously. That bitch will be burstin! its worked very well in my apartment.
belgian: i couldnt access your files either. ...
10 August 2004
... wtf. i also can't access jake's who lives in my damn apartment. i think it has to do with Comcast restrictions we cannot control. But i can access other people and people have been downloading all 2 albums I have. so who knows. its wierd.


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