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i don't understand how i can already have crap...
12 August 2004
... mail on my uci account. i usually get stuff about mortgage rates, credit cards, winning free stuff, stuff addressed to shannon wang, and a lot of the time i get junk like this: I'm cold, you said, staring at the continuation we had to feel through yesterday. Hi, I said to all the animals....
weehee! friggin awesome cool as always. ^^...
10 August 2004
... they're so badass. i love it. lol. even tho it's heckove confusing. oO. blah i cried. =/ i love keanu reeves. teehehe... shuddap. >;p
i got this from my brother. just a little...
09 August 2004
... riddle-ish thingy. gimme an answer! harhar. a girl's mother dies. at the funeral, friends and family attend. the girl meets a guy she really likes, but doesn't get his phone number, email, address, or any other means of contacting him. the next day, she kills her sister. why? .[edit]....
maaaan everyone's gone. :(
09 August 2004
... :(
yaya i was at susu's house today and we ate...
06 August 2004
... fried chicken and watched good movie ^^! and now it's tv/mahjong time. ;p


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