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Ok...maybe not
01 July 2004
So, after talking to Robin last night, I'm going to give the low-carb another chance. So, I went out and bought the Atkins book today. She swears by it and that you have to do it right for it to work. I was just kinda doing it on my own. Soooo...we shall see.
Giving Up....
30 June 2004
...on the low-carb thing. I've been doing for about a month and haven't lost a damned thing. Even with adding a bunch of execise...nothing. So, I think I'm gonna try the low fat well as staying away from breads and pastas. I have to lose a bunch before August :-)
Another quote :-)
27 June 2004
Your thoughts determine your actions. Your actions determine your habits. Your habits determine your character. And your character gives birth to your destiny.
A little quote I found
27 June 2004
*Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.*
My Intro
25 June 2004
In an attempt not to bore you to death, I'll try to make this short. My name is Cheryl. I live with my controlling husband and two great kids. My mom lives with us too, which is trying at times. I have a part-time job at a craft store. I am also over-weight, as is my best bud, Sarah. We...


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