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13 August 2004
i'll be there tomorrow thru monday. chitown next weekend. st. louis over labor day. back to nyc sept. 30
well played
13 August 2004
well played gurber. have a great weekend. i'll be in longgisland for a wedding, close to steph's house in prt wshngtn (i'd like to buy a vowel please...). NYC for me September 30, Oct. 1-2. Bet.
13 August 2004
what a bitz. i posted this site you should all check out: And said RIP Phish. In summary.
lebowski fest hits NYC
13 August 2004
"Nowadays, quoting its intricate, absurdist, often riotously profane dialogue earns you coolness points in widely disparate circles." gurber should go:
all we do is post
13 August 2004
there's never any threaded conversations or other types anymore. that is what our blog has developed into. and that's part of why it suffers so. no reaction, just posting. anyway...


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