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mind if i do a j
14 August 2004
lebowski fest was a huge dud. this crazy band called bling kong was the highlight. the real dude was there too. basically just a bunch of geeky dudes (myself included, i suppose). downed a pair of caucasians and took off...
13 August 2004
prt wshngtn is a great town. you'll be there this weekend? has anyone seen this doc w/the band/dead/joplin called 'festival express'?
A Nostalgic Weekend
13 August 2004
I've already got tix for the Lebowski Fest tonight. I'll have a White Russian for each and every one of you. Tomorrow it's Iggy Pop & the Stooges (press pass tix compliments of D. Ornuld) w/the Strokes et. al. And Sunday I've got tix to a simulcast of the Phish show. Dark horrors.
11 August 2004
take a look...
11 August 2004 pretty great picture.


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