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Nacho average Nacho
12 August 2004
PGA Champi0nsh1p: restoring, for the first time since 1997, a sense of dignity and respect to WI sports?
S. Dent
10 August 2004
Plugo's Nostalgia Corner: Sucks have blown Plugo's Prediction Corner: Sucks will blow
i plan on waging a highly personal war of words...
05 August 2004
"J0hn v*0n Seg*ge*rn has been a professional musician and producer since 1991, moving between Tokyo, Hong Kong, and California." von seggeroon may have moved straight to tokyo from baysyde, at age 13. i believe his last name had an e between the r and the n. i will pay, and pay well, the...
05 August 2004
@dam: beginning a bloog-based attack campaign against EVM aka jim?
04 August 2004
i had every intention of going to see you, but thanks to garner, i guess now i won't be able to make it. new bloog is better than the wacky techno one from before. i especially like the quick access to the no-profile having non-bloggers who i've never heard of.


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